Who We Are

Ayatana Evolution


Research & Gathering Info on wellness industry


Setup South Chennai Largest Spa salon outlet

2012 - 2017

Wellness journey experience and Successful managing and running Spa salon outlet


Entry into HOLISTIC WELLNESS and launch of holistic wellness therapies


Ayatana Wellness Academy


Ayatana Retreats

About The Team

Knowledge driven, highly passionate, execution team sticking to 'Simplicity' as a Design Concept to get anyone to achieve their Life Goals ranging from finding a balance between "Work & Life" to "Mind & Body".

Vimala Sumedh Harikumar
Head of Training and Ops

Vimala started her wellness journey in 2012 owning and managing a 5000 sft spa salon outlet. Apart from her 6 year experience and knowledge in the wellness industry, she is a Certified Reiki Practitioner & Healer and a certified Depression & Mental Wellness Counselor. She is an engineer who started the career in field of networking and later moved into the fields of HR recruitment and operations with hands on experience in recruitment and operations in start ups to MNCs and has hands on experience in entrepreneurial ventures.

Simple, elegant, stated and reverberating with balanced energy….

Sudeep Reddy
Head of Fitness

Sudeep decided to become a chartered accountant at 15 and pursued it very successfully till 25 to become a financial consultant. After actually starting work in the field, realised it wasn’t motivating to push himself further. Always into fitness, reading a lot about it, dwelling deep into it and experimenting with his own body, he discovered his true calling after he joined a fitness 'bootcamp'. It was only post that, that the whole concept of fitness evolved into some weird connection deep within. It dawned on him that fitness was not just a hobby but passion all along! So here he is, trying to be one of the best to help people on their fitness journey.

Now, he wakes up at 4 am and winds up his day at 8 am after coaching about 70 people in a fitness bootcamp at a single location. Loves watching people put an honest effort into bettering themselves everyday, which in turn propels them towards their own goals. An overall inspiring day at the office, is pretty routine.

Big Biceps / Bicep guy for sure! But also pretty cool because of the insane weights he can press.

Tara Gopal
Head of Products

Tara started her career post management studies in the field of advertising. She has worked with some of the renowned brands, managing the clients and getting the creative teams to deliver uber quality work that has enhanced the brand's persona. Also having worked with a large interior contracting company on project management, she has developed skills on working with wage workers to deliver on-time results with quality being a priority.

Her career did not stop there. She went on to head an entire state, managing all retails ops, for one of the leading retail brands in India.

Fashionista, Bohemian, high octane, The star (Tara) of retail!!!

Geetha Durai
Nutrition Coach

Geetha is a Nutrition Coach and has completed the world renowned Precision Nutrition (PN Level1) Certification. Having explored diverse professional fields and various customer centric roles for over 15 years,she went on to become a wife and a mother of two. After two pregnancies her body changed and she was unable to recognise her own reflection. She got into fitness, made lifestyle changes to her nutrition and worked on her transformation from 70kgs to 55 kgs. The changes she experienced were so life affirming that she wanted to help other people make changes to their lifestyle and achieve better health. She found her calling in Nutrition. A nutrition coach who lives and breathes what she says.

Fit, Healthy, high energy!

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